Boss Hogg: Linguist

Random fun fact for the day: Sorrell Booke, the actor who played Boss Hogg in the Dukes of Hazzard television show, was fluent in five(!) languages and served in the Korean War as a counterintelligence officer. Who would’ve guessed? All I could dig up for what languages he was fluent in were English (obviously) and Japanese; I’m curious as to what the others are.

Sources: IMDB, Wikipedia.

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  1. Random Dukes of Hazzard Trivia
    Did you know the actor who played Boss Hogg was a cunning linguist, fluent in five languages, and worked for the government at one point? I didn’t, either….

  2. Boss Hogg was a counterintelligence officer?
    Who’d have thought it. Turns out Sorrell Booke, the actor famous for playing Boss Hogg in the Dukes of Hazard, was a counterintelligence officer in the Korean War. He also was fluent in 5 languages. …

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