Houston’s glass public toilet

Updated, see below.

A while back, Jake posted about a public restroom in Switzerland that was made out of one-way glass. Well, apparently there’s one in Houston now; my friend Kerry sent me the pictures in email this morning.

Here’s what it looks like from the outside:

Exterior of Houston's glass public toilet

And, here’s the view from the inside:

Interior of Houston's glass public toilet

Man, that’s just wrong. I just couldn’t use it, no way.

Update: These are the photos from the original Switzerland toilet; looks like they’re being recycled again. So, take this all with a grain of salt. What’s funny is that I first heard of this (and then got the email) from people at work, and it’s making the rounds on other sites as well (a quick search on Google pulls them up), so there may be an actual Houston toilet; who knows.

22 Replies to “Houston’s glass public toilet”

  1. No way I could use that. I’ve done focus groups with one-way glass, and if you look at just the right angle, you can ALWAYS see through it. I just couldn’t trust it enough.

  2. You need to be a bit of a exhibitionist (perhaps closet) to use one of those to begin with. Frankly, it may bring out some latent exhibitionist in people who are otherwise too scared to bare it in public but who might get a thrill of doing so when people look like they can see you but actually can’t.

  3. that gives new meaning to "I’ll be in my office".

    People who live in glass shouldn’t throw stones.

  4. It kinda looks like a modern day Dr. Who travel machine. At least the good Dr. wouldn’t have to make pitstops. :)-

  5. These are indeed the pics from Switzerland – just look at the reflection of the Street signs in the glass….

  6. This would be a great place to have sex. That is if your in to the thrill of sex in public places.

  7. Well if you wanted the thrill without people seeing you then that’s the way to go but I wouldn’t advise anyone to let their kids use it it might give them the wrong idea

  8. I agree with Heidi Pacheco.

    Sex here would be a fantasy…here in cali but in houston your fantasy can become a reality…..

  9. i was hoping the toilet itself was going to be glass, would be great to finally see where the poo goes!

  10. yea where in Houston is this toilet? i want to go see it, and maybe use it…who knows?

  11. tony, you are stupid…
    And yes, I’m now having the fantasy to have sex in one of those! But I’d never turn the glass arround!

  12. Just one-way? Here in my country, we already have 2-way see through glass toilets! Guess where? *rolls eyes*

  13. I NEED TO KNOW WHERE THIS TOILET IS NOW,please! We are going on a hunt, it’s our friends birthday so pleaseee contact me.ASAP

    Thanks. USE IT WORLD!

  14. it must be nice sitting on the pot and watch the world go by, must be very relaxing! we wont need magazines in toilets anymore

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