The Dukes of Hazzard… movie!

Yep, there’s going to be a Dukes of Hazzard movie this year, it even has its own IMDB entry already. I’d heard of this awhile back, rumors of it anyway, and it sure seems especially apropos with my Boss Hogg entry a week or so back. Get a load of the cast:

  • Seann William Scott (Stiffler) as Bo Duke.
  • Johnny Knoxville (Jackass) as Luke Duke.
  • Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke.
  • Willie Nelson (will he also sing the theme song?) as Uncle Jesse.
  • Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogg.

A movie based on the Dukes is either going to be the best movie of the summer (in a tongue-in-cheek way) or the worst movie of the summer… I have a feeling there’ll be no in-between.

It’s set to open June 24. You know you’ll be there.

4 Replies to “The Dukes of Hazzard… movie!”

  1. I can’t wait for the movie to come out. Me and my friend watch the show every day on CMT. When we are 16 we’re buying a Charger and we’ll be The Dukes Of Houston!! YEEEEEEE-HAWWWWWW!!

  2. Dukes of Northern Ireland…..Lol I have a fully restored 1969 dodge charger In Bright Hemi Orange ready to hit the roads this summer so watch out cops cuz the Dukes are back!!!!!!!!

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