Jake’s Diner is moving

I heard this on the radio this morning, and then caught this article in the Bend Bulletin: Jake’s Diner is moving to the eastside. The spot? The Royal Thai Cafe building, behind Bedmart and Scrap-a-Doodle… which, if anyone keeps track, seems to be a death knell for restaurants. I can remember Sully’s (Italian) was there, and KC’s (Kasey’s?) BBQ, something else, and the afore-mentioned Royal Thai Cafe.

Jake’s is a Bend institution, seems like it should get better than that. But you know what’s ironic? I’ve never eaten there.

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  1. Closer to where I live, but I agree that it’s not a great spot. Jake’s lost it for me when they closed down the truck stop. They cut back the hours, which honestly was the best part: where else could you go after midnight for a burger, fries and a shake? Shari’s has never done it for me either. The aspect that made Jake’s special is already gone.

  2. I got a tip from a friend (ex-Bulletin guy) and we broke the story of the Jake’s Diner move last weekend on KTVZ. So there;-) (And yep, pretty darn tough spot for em.)

  3. Juniper Cafe To Close
    Did I miss this in the local media? I had heard from my father-in-law a couple weeks ago after his weekly Friday trip to Juniper Cafe that they were going…

  4. Dont write my eulogy yet guys. My first thought of the new location was the same as yours then a friend of mine in the know made me look at it in a new light.

    Bottom line was that I needed to find a place that we could afford (Bend is getting very pricey) and that would fit my crew and customers.

    We had to do tremendous amounts of work to get the building ready but we passed inspection last Friday evening and in less than two hours were full in our main room with no advertising. Today was the busiest day that we have had since I took the diner over.

    I am not saying we are out of the woods but we are not even officially open yet. Our official opening is tomorrow.

    Jakes is a very special place to me. I ran it for 23 years and took it over last October because I did not want to see it fade into the sunset like the truck stop.

    I am truely thankful to the community for its overwhelming support

  5. Jakes is well known around all the U.S, but its really gone to hell since Lyle took it over. The prices are horrible, the management is horrible, and the only thing they have going for them is good food, if you want to pay ten bucks for an omelette. I used to work there, for quite awhile, and Lyle cares for nobody but himself. He could care less about his employees or his customers, just their money. I feel sorry for the Hicks’ family, since Lyle has invested all their assests to keep this dying dream alive, which wont survive long. I hope it does go down, right along with cold-hearted Lyle.

  6. Dont count on the community’s support for too much longer, you slave driving jerk….yea, you know who this is. Get a clue, and quit treating your employees like dogs, even cindy is about to run out on your crappy diner.C’mon Lyle, give up now before you drown your family in debt.

  7. Jakes has good food for $12 a plate, but shit c’mon man lyle is a bitch, who doesnt care about his workers, even if they have a family to care for , if one of his employees talk to his ass kissing friends wrong because they are perverts, the employee gets fired and the customer gets free food( LARRY from larrys rv) if you have any doubts just read the forum above, i mean the only good thing said was typed by lyle himself. Most of his employees stay there because they have familys and want to care for them so they stay.

  8. This amazes me. I eat at Jakes regularly and love, and I mean, LOVE the food and the portions — the people treat me like family, joking and having fun while serving my meals — and lyle has been friendly to me and i’ve even seen him help others out who really need it It seems to me the "former employee" is bitter and should take a look at themself to see if maybe it is time to grow up and take personal responsibility for the behavior that made this person a "former" employee. However, back to Jakes and its new place, I love it and will keep going. There are not many places in Bend where I feel more at home and I tell all my friends about jakes.
    Oh, I seem to always leave with extra food for my next meal. Yum!

  9. I LOVE JAKES!!!!!! It is the best resturant that I have ever been to!! The service was phenomianl, I have never felt so at home. They have always made me fell like I was there top customer and when I look around and see how they treat there other customers, I notice that they treat them the same way they treat me. Now the food was amazing… The portions were huge, the biggest I had ever seen, and I go out to resturants alot!!! And the quality of the food is outstanding. Now I have been to the new location and I am blown away at how good of a job they have done at turning that place around, and give it, there still working on it, but the place just looks amazing, from the sconses on the wall to the bathroom(which blew me away the most) they have just done wonders with that place. I too have met Lyle, and I cant describe how great of a guy he is. Even when he is just swomped, he always has time to stop and say hello to his customers. He always has a smile on his face. A couple of weeks ago I asked a couple of his employees and they said that Lyle was the best boss they have ever worked for. They said that he cares so much for his employees they still cant belive it. They said that working at jakes is like being apart of a huge family, with Lyle as big papa bear. I fell that ever since Lyle bought the buissness, I feel that the resturant is the best it has ever been, and I have been going there forever, and now with them making all they delicious goodies and starting the salad bar back up, I can garentee that I will be going there for years to come thanks to Lyle and his Crew. And no to the people that think other wise, the former employees, you obviously don’t work there for a reason and I wounln’t go and blame the customers, I would take a big look at yourself and ask what you did wrong. I fully stand behind Lyle and his desicion for I know that he did what he did for a reason. Jakes will go far, and I feel that they community is behind him 100%, Keep it going Lyle, Your doing a Fabulous Job!!!! Thanks

  10. quit writing fake stuff about yourself, lyle, and pretending you are a customer, nobody stands behind your crappy diner that much.

  11. Wow, i just found out today that Jake’s moved. I hope the food and service is the same. my dad wanted to eat there four years ago, but we didnt have enough time. Now that we are returning for the RV thing in redmond, i wanted to show my dad what he missed… is jakes just a memory now? 🙁

  12. Vicki, I would say that the only way to show you would be to come in and see for yourself. I was not going to put anymore comments on this thread but I will answer yours.

    The food and service are identical. I did not lose a single employee in the move (I presently have over 40) and have not changed the menu or how it is prepared. If anything it is better with hand cut Black Angus steaks and Pork Loin.

    Please call me here at 541-382-0118 and I or one of my employees can direct you into our new location.

    No, Vicki, Jakes is and will continue to be. And I know you will see many of the same smiling faces that you saw the last time you stopped by.

    Here is my personal guarantee, Vicki. Stop in and try us and if you are not happy for whatever reason, it is on me.

    Hope to see you soon.

  13. Hey, Jake’s has the best food and the prettiest waitresses in all of Central Oregon! I’ve been there a grand total of three times, and I definitely make it a point to stop in whenever I pass through Bend. It would be a real shame if Jake’s isn’t there on my next trip south.


  14. To Doug Writes…We love you Doug, come see us again at Jake’s Diner new location 2210 NE HW 20. The staff of Jake’s welcomes you.
    To Vickie..No Vickie Jake’s in not just a memory but a new beginning, check us out..Thank-you tho for your support, look forward to serving you and your family in the future!
    To outstanding writes 6-28-05 and local customer writes 6-9-05 obviously you two are one and the same extremely unintelligent persons or are you mother and son..even more sad!!!!Your comments are so out there we all have a good chuckle over your stupidity.
    Mommy it is time to let your son grow up and become a man and take some responsiblity for his own actions…He is 22 years old you know. When is he going to learn how to drive a car???
    To Former Employee writes and Local customer writes..To former employee, come on it is time to get over your bitterness and get on with your life. You have 2 small adorable children that should be your only concern in life not revenge for you getting fired for your own foolish behaviour.
    The burglary and theft of the safe you all committed at Jake’s diner has not paid off in your favor. So sorry about your shattered back window, dang, that must hurt. Gonna cost ya way more then you actually stole!! You know guys crime just does not pay……Now you all have felonies against your records for the rest of your life…
    Now that that is out in the open, please stop writing your fake poor x-employee scriblings.. No one feels sorry for you you have done all this to yourselves with out any help from anyone else. Time to take some responsibility for your own behaviour….From.
    The staff of Jake’s Diner…

  15. I stopped by your new location. The food and service was just as good as ever. Now that I know where you all have moved to I’ll be back often.

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