Okay, here’s my update

I’ve been sick all week. Starting last Thursday, in fact. The weird thing is I never get sick like this. It’s very odd. Started out like I was coming down with the flu or something, joints and muscles all achy, pressure in the head building up intolerably. That was last Thursday, so Friday I spent about an hour and a half at work and then came home and slept (also something I never do).

Over the weekend it moved into a head/lung cold. Like a sinus infection, so while my nose didn’t run much like a headcold would, the pressure in my sinuses was such that rolling my eyes too much in their sockets would hurt. And I had a deep cough, so that my lungs hurt when I coughed but not much of anything would come up—not a wet cough, though occasionally I’d cough up some phlegm.

This week it’s lessened, but I’m still low on energy and fighting it. The pressure in my head is pretty much gone but I still have a cough, wetter now and I cough junk up.

Sleeping fine for the most part; I’ve been taking aspirin before bed (tried some fake Sudafed Sunday night, but totally didn’t like the way it messed up my sleep and dreams). I’ve seriously considered seeing the doctor several times, and then I start to feel better enough to drop the notion.

So that’s what’s going on with me.

3 Replies to “Okay, here’s my update”

  1. You…go to the dr?

    I can count on one hand how many times you’ve gone in the past near 13 yrs I’ve known you.

    I told you to go to the dr. You told me NO. I also told you to stay home from work, but you CHOSE to not stay home and rest this week. Btw, I’m still stunned that I came home at 10:15 Friday and you were here! That…you’ve never done!

    Just stay away from me….I’m so sick of being sick and getting bad news (the kids too)

  2. Ok, I take some of that back since you listened to me about Urgent care and are now waiting there for about an hour now before being seen.

    I think your bad news is strep. Just how you caught strep in the middle of our "colds, sinus infections, start of ear infections, very bad coughs, tooth pain leading to a root canal from the sinus infection/cold, etc" is beyond me. I swear I did lysol the place on Tuesday. How many cans of lysol should I go through? 😉

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