How it should be done

I got this really nice comment on my restaurant post last month, where I reviewed Zydeco, Anthony’s and Mercury Diner here in Bend:

We just wanted to say Thank You! to Jon & Andrew. Thanks for your great reviews of our restaurant. We’re glad to hear you’ve enjoyed your experiences with us and that you’re excited about passing on some input to future guests. We look forward to seeing you at ZYDECO kitchen & cocktails again soon.

Christy & Robert Kabakoff and Steve Helt

That is one of the reasons why Zydeco is a great restaurant, and it shows that the owners are smart and web-savvy to Google themselves and aren’t afraid to join the conversation. Contrast that to Shannon and Simone‘s poor experience with Kanpai.

Not hard to figure out why I’ll go back to Zydeco in a heartbeat but won’t bother trying Kanpai.

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  1. Ahh fudge. The only comments I’m getting these days are from a 22-year-old Turkish man named Adil, who thinks I’m a sweet girl and wants to take me as a wife.

  2. I suggest that since you are all such great restaurant lovers, go to and enter your choices for the Best Restaurants in America. Give Bend’s restaurants a plug in a national magazine.

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