Not much to speak of

Don’t have much to write about. Okay, that’s not totally true; I’ve got some things I want to write about, but they’ll run long and that’s not really what I feel like doing at nearly 11:30 at night. The topics? You’ll see why I’d run long:

  • Evolution
  • Ebooks
  • Reviews of some regular books I’m reading

So instead, tonight, I’ll stick with the mundane things that tend to bore the hell out of people…

We steam cleaned the carpet this last weekend. It’s amazing how much dirt and pet hair had accumulated in the ten months we’ve been living here. Amazing and gross. Makes me want to get rid of all the pets.

This next weekend we need to dethatch the lawn and try to restore parts of it. I hate lawn maintenance. Makes me want to get rid of all the grass.

The week before last, when I was sick, it turned out I had a bronchial sinus infection. I ended up getting antibiotics to get rid of it, which is something I almost never have to do.

I’ve been teaching my five year old to play checkers. She’s got a good grasp of the rules, though needs to learn strategy and how to see the big picture. I’m pretty impressed by how quickly she picked it up, though. I have a feeling the strategy part will come to her pretty fast and then I’ll be frustrated at how I get beat every time :)

2 Replies to “Not much to speak of”

  1. Are you doing the lawn thatching and areation yourself or having it done? We’re getting to the point where we need to do ours, and don’t know if I can man-handle one of those machines this year.

  2. I’m doing it myself, thatching (not aerating). I’ve used the thatcher before, it’s not so bad– like a big lawn mower that propels itself pretty well. You just need to be more careful because it’s heavier and the whirling blades will chop just about anything to pieces.

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