The Bulletin quoting my site?

We don’t get the Bend Bulletin anymore, so I missed this, but apparently yesterday the Bulletin ran an article in their Community section (which they don’t post online) wherein they quoted my blog on the subject of Reynolds Pond (with attribution—to my blog, but not to me by name). I found out today when my mom told me about it, and then someone at work told me they saw it, also.

I’ll get a copy, and I’ll definitely comment on it when I do, but in the meantime, has anyone else seen this?

2 Replies to “The Bulletin quoting my site?”

  1. Can’t say that I saw that, but I’m sure I have a copy at work I can check out.

    And it’ll be a cold day in heck before they directly quote my site, I can imagine — long story for another time 🙂

  2. Turns out it wasn’t a direct quote, just a reference in a paragraph.

    Of course, after that one scathing blog entry you did a while back against the Bulletin, I’m not surprised you wouldn’t be quoted directly 😉

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