The Bulletin’s reference

I got a copy of Wednesday’s Bulletin today (the Community Life section) that mentions my blog (see The Bulletin quoting my site?). The article is about both Reynolds Pond and Mayfield Pond, both east of Bend, as little-known oases in the desert. I wasn’t quoted directly, but I got a paragraph:

Go to and you’ll find a wistful description of Reynolds Pond written by a person who spent a lot of time out there as a child. On a return visit 12 years later, the author noted that several barren islands in the pond were now covered with vegetation.

That sounds about right. I don’t know about spending “a lot of time out there” but I did write that I frequented the pond growing up, so that’s fair, I guess.

Jim Witty, the Bulletin’s travel writer (I think), wrote the article. When we used to get the paper, I enjoyed the accounts of Oregon and beyond he would write for the weekend travel section. Thanks, Jim!

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