$40 a day

So one of the shows we watch on Food Network is $40 a Day, where Rachael Ray has a budget of “only” 40 dollars and traipses around the city du jour looking for the meal deals. The tourist-y part of the show is interesting, but the fake-suspense-building (will she go over her budget? Will she??) annoys the hell out of me.

So far I know of three Oregon towns they’ve filmed episodes in: Portland, Salem and Ashland. I think they should do an episode right here in Bend.

The question is, then, where could you go to get three meals and an afternoon snack or drink with a 40 dollar budget, and still capture the essence of Bend? Without consulting the budget (so I may be off), my own choices would be:

Other suggestions?

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  1. Breakfast: Juniper (until they close) or Westside Cafe.

    Lunch: Agree with you totally there.

    Afternoon: Brewery Tour, plus maybe a distillery and winery tour (of which we have a few here)

    Dinner: Pine Tavern or the Blacksmith. Pine Tavern’s more of a Bend establishment, but Blacksmith won that fancy Conde Nast award (which means she’ll blow most of her budget there).

  2. Agree with everything but breakfast: Nancy P’s

    jake, have you toured the winery .. it’s NOTHING! just a tasting room 🙂

  3. Remember, Shannon, I don’t drink, so I would’ve never gone on the tour.

    But I do know, at least according to the phone book and google, that there’s at least two wineries here in Bend. And I know Jim Bendis (good old buddy of mine) would love to have folks come down to sample some of his Gin — especially from the food network.

  4. The one on hwy 20 closed a bout 6 months ago and magaras bottles in the valley (one I was talking about).

    I know my wine, Jake 🙂

  5. agreed, Brian, that place was awesome.

    Shannon: Yes, I know you know your wine. You’d be the last person I’d argue with about it.

  6. Breakfast at home

    New York Sub for lunch

    leaves just about enough for pints and dinner for two tuesday or thursday at the pub (Deschutes, of course)

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