Cougar! The Return

Following up my Cougar! coverage from last night… today on The Peak 104.1 radio morning show, they were having people call in to name the cougar. I missed it, but that’s classic. From the clips they were playing later it sounded like somebody suggested “Mellencamp.” That’s just so wrong it’s funny.

And from the So which is it? department, all the local news reports are saying if you encounter the cougar, to not make eye contact, back away slowly, never run, etc. However, in the Wikipedia Puma article (cougars are technically pumas), the advice for an encounter is to stand and face the animal and make eye contact (among other things). Huh.

2 Replies to “Cougar! The Return”

  1. Hey! That was MY idea!! I think they should call it Xavier. (Maybe I’m the only one old enough round here to get a joke of Xavier Cougar;-)

  2. HAHAHA….Mellencamp…that’s priceless. I wish my radio antenna in my car didn’t suck so I could listen to those funny call-in shows in the morning (radio reception dies just a little ways out of town as I’m driving to work).

    And no Barney, I don’t get it….

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