The Burger King creeps me out

Creepy plastic Burger King maskThis topic on ORblogs prompted this post. What the hell is up with that creepy Burger King mask? All I know is, if I see that thing anywhere near my house, burger or no burger, I’m going for a gun.

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  1. Hi I work in a sports bar and thought it would be great to have my husband dress like the king for our monday night football, I was lucky and got the mask for 9.99 and johns bling for 6.95 w/shipping. My husband is a shy guy and played in the canadian football league for 12 yrs. he is 6’5 and over 300 lbs. I made his costume for under 20 bucks from items i found at the thrift stores, the king consumed all my waking thougthts for 3 weeks. including following all your links. (thanks to all of you) the costume came out great!!!!!!!! i’VE WORKED AT THIS BAR FOR 8 YEARS. my husband came in and everyone thought he looked great. the owners son was the cook and I got in an arguement with him, his dad comes in and starts giving me shit. I QUIT WORKING ON THE SPOT AND THE KING AND I LEFT!!! I’m sure it’s for the best but damn my husband looked good as the king. thanks again to all of you for the pictures,links and support. Linda

  2. C’mon, it’s a decal of the King pissing on a McDonald’s logo! That’s freakin hilarious! I’ve been driving around with it on the back of my car. I should tag them all over the windows of the McDonald’s by me. lol

  3. Oh John, you’re being so ridiculous now. I know that you are "User: buythedecal!" because of your IP address . If you’re going to come to My Jon’s site and spam so that *YOU* can profit, you should work out some profit sharing with him. He’s been more than kind to let you have your little chat forum, but continously spamming with YOUR auctions is beyond stupid. There are ebay forums just for that.

    –Jon’s wife

  4. Fair enough. I wasn’t trying to pull one off on anyone because I thought it was pretty obvious everyone would know it’s me. And pretty funny the guy right before me did the same thing. I won’t pimp anymore of my auctions on here- if you hadn’t notice this thread’s barely alive anymore. I think it’s time to retire from here myself indeed. Signing off: This one’s for you!

    Hugs and Kisses from the KING!


  5. whew!! glad to see everyone is still here….CONGRATS to everyone who won a lil bit on the contest, myself i took second…..but i must hand it to the first place guy….he was a new orleans looter! it was freakin hilarious, big afro, painted face black, had a shopppin cart full of merchandise, even photo shopped a cover that read "looting for dummies" it was awesome! but anyway i won second there and 1st at another contest for 50$
    but now that its all over, i may be interested in sellin my costume if anyone is interested, its complete with johns bling, and all!

  6. it will NEVER END! LOL
    I found a manequin (sp?) and put my king costume and mask on it… it is now a regular passenger in my car!

  7. Hey….does anyone know where to download the BK commercial with the King standing behind the tree as the lumberjack cuts it down? Come on guys….don’t let me down. Thanks!

  8. lmao i though i was the only fucker out that that was scared of that burger king man that fucker is scarazy man just waking up to him that would be to damn scary

  9. We are looking into selling the Burger King helium topper (the one that converted into a mask), and the handmade costume. If anyone is interested, email me at the address above.

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