June already? Geez, where’d the time go? It’s not like May wasn’t a full month… some highlights:

  • Put together a monster swingset
  • Dental cleaning… with novocaine. I had two back teeth that needed periodontal work and scaling. Nasty stuff. My mouth was sore for days afterward.
  • The end of the TV season (I have another post on this sometime)
  • Beautiful, 80-plus degree weather… dampened (no pun intended) by massive flash flood inducing thunderstorms
  • We were more socially active than normal… we went to at least three barbecues, which is a lot for us

Hmm, that’s all I can think of right now. June promises to be a busy month, too. There’s a potluck at work tomorrow, a neighborhood BBQ on Friday, a kids birthday party on Sunday, our anniversary, a friend’s college graduation, and more I’m sure.

Perhaps we should do a blogger get together this month?

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