Bite of Bend

So who’s going to the Bite of Bend this Saturday? We were thinking of it but likely won’t go if the weather’s rainy like they’re predicting.

Although I really want to see the first annual Iron Chef Competition they’re having—six local chefs in three one hour matches, just like the TV show. The Source has a good listing of the chefs and judges involved. Sounds cool! We’ll see, we’ll see.

And someone really should buy up the domain name and give them a proper site…

3 Replies to “Bite of Bend”

  1. Can’t. Doing stuff with the in-laws in Sisters this weekend. Forgot about the Bite.

    And whoever registers should also register — for future use. I’m done buying up domains, after I bought,, and for my future wish-it’d-see-frutation but probably never will project 🙂

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