Goofy Burger King job flyer

Last weekend as a treat we picked up Burger King for lunch. To go. When we got home, inside the bag we found this incredibly poorly done “help wanted” flyer. It’s so bad it’s funny! So of course, I had to scan it in and post it here. Enjoy!

Poorly done Burger King help wanted flyer (click to see larger version)
(Click to see larger version)

22 Replies to “Goofy Burger King job flyer”

  1. I am having trouble finding the site to check how much I one on my amazon card from burger king. could you plese email me with the correct site to check the card. Thank you

  2. What is the exact site for the amazon cash cards I cant find it either.I wanna see how much are on my cash cards I keep getting them with my meals but I dont know how much is on them.

  3. Burger lastest game with amazon is an fake. Someone should sue them. Now who has the last laugh.

  4. It’s very obvious to me that whom ever came up with "the retard song" does not have respect for human life. Some people are not born being able to do or have what the rest of us take for granted, but they are still human beings with feelings,thoughts, dreams, and to make up a name like the retard song well, it makes me sick to be reminded of people like you.

  5. Why not have a clearly usable site for the cards if you are going to advertise them? So how do we check and why do you have 6 gift certificate listings with all the same info.

  6. Why are you idiots asking about an Amazon thing here?

    My husband posted about a flyer that he got from a dining experience here locally that has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SUPPOSED AMAZON PROMOTION!

    Geez! How many stupid emails keep coming though do I have to look at

  7. there is a site, it’s just reallllly hard to get to. I found it after about an hour. it just gives you $1 credit amazon for each card

  8. I also am having trouble, I am taking time out of my busy work scedule to find out if I have won any prizes, please e mail me the correct site to see if my promo claim code is worth all this so far wasted time.

  9. To "your wife" , quit being a b*%$!, Yes your website is very amusing, but it comes up when people are trying to cash in their game cards, which is like a dog chasing it tail. Everybody: go to don’t click search, click GO, a little screen with the fantastic 4 , there you type in your code. Good Luck

  10. What is this about a game card site? I can not find it anywhere. I personally think its just a sham. A big come on
    and that there is no way to find out the value of your game card

  11. wow this stuff is funny,i stumbled upon this site while looking for the game card site that wife lady needs to calm down…..a lot. hehe

  12. hey just another person looking for the amazon website. looks like the wife needs to get some loving from her husband or something

  13. Thank you all for the amusing commentary! I’m sorry my post was unable to help any of you looking for the promotion, but I trust the commenters have figured things out.

    I will close comments on this post now. Good night.

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