Portland for the weekend

Yep, we’re heading up to Portland tomorrow, for the weekend. We’ve got a bunch of clothes shopping to do. And appointments to keep. And friends to see, if there’s time. With all the running around, I wonder when (if) we’ll find time to relax…

Taking the laptop, though, so I’ll still be checking in.

One Reply to “Portland for the weekend”

  1. Oh please!!!

    You’ve been complaning about shopping and been a PAIN since Sunday when you found out you *shouldn’t* go on the trip w/the nicer clothes that FIT YOU 40 POUNDS AGO!

    Treat yourself and get some clothes that fit and change your attitude soon! (yes, look who’s telling you…MS. PESSIMIST)

    As far as getting everything in that we need to…I hope we can since everything is so far out from each other.

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