Bend bloggers galore

Yep, a new Bend blogger: Rhysently. First saw this today show up linking to me in Technorati, and ORblogs has it listed as a new addition tonight. Only two entries so far, but I found them quotable:

Anybody who doesn’t live in Central Oregon is a sucker. This is the most amazing, beautiful place on earth. I’m never leaving, ever. It’s so unbelievable that this place and someplace like Florida—that miserable swampy armpit with the most roaches and serial killers than any other place in the world—could exist on the same planet, let alone the same country.


I paused to reflect on something that deeply bothered me in the past: the NASCAR fried chicken bucket series….

What kind of white trash CEO thought this one up? And let me tell you, I’m not using that term loosely. I grew up in a town with 23 bars and no library. I lived in a trailer for part of my youth. I have relatives with more tattoos than teeth. I KNOW from white trash, okay? And still, I can’t think of anyone tacky enough—not even my mulleted cousin Dwayne who’s spent more than half his life in jail and gets conjugal visits from a beer-swilling hottie who can braid her own armpit hair—to actually SAVE THEIR NASTY GREASY CHICKEN BUCKET. Arggh. Seriously, do you display them on the mantel, or what?

Okay, we seriously need to have another blogger meetup and get all these new bloggers to come.

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  1. Thanks Shannon!

    I nearly spit coffee across the room at the thought of saving fried chicken buckets.

  2. We really need a much better organized meetup that might include some of the folks over on (of which you’re already been added to, Wendy). What we really need is a eatery/brewery/bowling alley (;-)) locally to sponsor us for the gathering so we then have a forced excuse to invite people.

    But getting Rhys added to bendblogs right now.

  3. Just a thought… how many of the people that you’ve added to know that they’re part of that index?

  4. Wow, thanks! Imagine my thrill at coming to one of my favorite blogs and seeing my name up in lights! 🙂

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