Amid all the craziness of the past weekend, my wife and I were able to have a Saturday evening out (the grandparents watched the kids). We went to Ariana with Shannon and her fiancé

Ariana is located on Bend’s west side, in one of the renovated old houses that make up much of the west side’s character. My review, in a word: awesome! The weather was just right to sit out on the patio, the wait staff was refreshingly good, the food was excellent. Next time, though, when we’re out with friends, I’ll order an appetizer; Shannon wrote that I “ate off our plates” and that makes me sound like a homeless person or something. Really, I’m not.

The one nagging question I have is whether the Spaten Oktoberfest I ordered was on tap or from the bottle. Bottle is fine, I don’t know of any other restaurant in town that has it, but if it’s on tap, then kudos, Ariana. Kudos indeed.

Seriously, I’m not a homeless guy.

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  1. Just a small note. Ariana is not in an "renovated old house," though it certainly has the appearance. It was built in 1995/96 by Shannon Casey, the original owner of Cup of Magic. Scott Gilbride was the architect. Obviously, they did a good job creating what they wanted, the look of an old house but with new plumbing and electrical. A great place.

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