The one Shannon didn’t want to read…

Eh, it wasn’t that bad. We had our picnic dinner in the park with Shannon and Simone, at the farmer’s market. I’m rethinking this whole “blogger meetup” thing though since only Shannon, Simone, and myself ever get together… if someone else wants to organize a blogger deal, I’ll come, but I’m done trying to put something together. For now, anyway.

The blogworthy part of the evening (the part Shannon didn’t want to read… or maybe she did, I’m not sure) was Shannon’s skirt. She’s wearing a just-above-the-knee orange skirt and we’re all sitting on the grass (my family’s there, too), and what happens when you’re wearing a short skirt and sitting on the ground? Yah, it rides up and every time you shift you have to make sure you’re not flashing the person sitting across from you. Which was me.

Do you know how hard it is to not see up someone’s skirt in that situation? Well, I didn’t see anything—I almost did, once or twice—but at some point Shannon realized that I was studiously looking elsewhere whenever she’d start shifting around and caught herself just in time. It turned into the joke afterward, but no, I wasn’t trying to see if she was going commando or not.

See what kind of fun y’all miss out on? :)

Update: No, Shannon wasn’t doing anything on purpose… it was just an unfortunate arrangement. See, this is why I don’t wear skirts…

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  1. I really planned to be there, but too much yardwork with too little water had me miserable by 5:00.

  2. You’re not too observant, Jon. My skirt went past my knees!

    I guess this is pay back for making ppl think you’re homelesss.

  3. Blogger meet-ups sound like fun! I had to be in Portland yesterday so I missed it. 🙁 sounds like a wild time though! 🙂

  4. "no, I wasn’t trying to see if she was going commando or not."


    Sorry I missed out on the entertainment. But yes, we need something a bit better planned, that’s for sure. Heck, I can probably, for the right price, get one our homes to party in 😉

  5. I won’t come on last-minute stuff, sorry (as this was a last minute idea). I usually have things planned a bit more in advance, and with kids and a family, it’s hard to just drop things last minute. Trust me, I would love to come out more with you guys, but it just never works out on the right day/time/whatever.

    That, and you’re just a pain the butt, Shannon [running away….] 😉

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