Hard drinkin’

Heard about this on the radio this morning, and I wanted to blog it before I forgot about it. On the front page of the Bulletin today there’s a picture of three people floating the river (a popular summer activity here in Bend)—which by itself is no big deal. However, the focus of the article that accompanies it is on the excessive alcohol consumption that goes along with the river floaters.

Back to that picture. Three people floating the river with booze in hand. Here’s the picture:

People floating the Deschutes River with drinks in hand
Photo courtesy of The Bulletin

I’m not against drinking, rafting, drinking while rafting necessarily, but damn! That’s some hard drinkin’ in the picture. The guy on the left is drinking some kind of hard liquor, the middle guy a beer, and there’s at least two more bottles visible with them. The girl has a Jagermeister. I like Jager and all, but that’s way too hardcore for me.

Besides, everyone knows the proper way to drink Jager is chilled, ideally right out of the freezer ;).

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  1. And god, why can’t the Bulletin figure out how to make their pictures online less grainy? I think they shoot all digital there now, so there’s really no excuse for those.

  2. you would think that the bulletin would have more important things to report than if people drink to much when on the water

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