Trump/Bend on Google

It seems I am the number one search on Google for “Donald Trump Bend Oregon“. That’s awesome. I think I should win something :).

Even more amusing is reading the comments I got on that post, with the variations on the rumor people have heard.

How about this? Start a weblog called (the domain is available! Grab it up quick!) and run just this sort of thing… (Actually, Shannon’s boy suggested something similar, doing “” That one’s available, too.)

5 Replies to “Trump/Bend on Google”

  1. — that’d be sweet! Just a simple form for people to post anonymously on a graffitti board, of sorts (I own some other domains that this would go great with, I just need to round up $9…).

    And apparently I’m number three for that same google search for something totally unrelated. Weird…

  2. bendtabloid is a bad idea. we’d get a bunch of ppl suing our asses.

    i’m on that list too for the trump thing.

  3. Awesome! We could have so much fun, totally faking pictures of Bigfoot and stuff. Sign me up for any help/design/writing total lies. 🙂

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