Walla Walla

I’m in Walla Walla tonight, on the road for work. My company purchased a house up here and needed to get a computer and WiFi set up. It’s kind of a cool deal, the house is available to employees spending time up here—business takes a priority, but it’s open to anyone who wants to take a weekend in Walla Walla also.

So, in addition to getting the stuff done I came to do, I also stopped at Three Rivers Winery and bought some wine to take home, and had dinner at the Mill Creek Brewpub (and wrote a review of it on The Brew Site).

Back home tomorrow. In case anyone’s wondering, it was a five hour drive from Bend, counting a few reststops. I’ll have more to write about the drive and Walla Walla tomorrow night, probably.

6 Replies to “Walla Walla”

  1. So glad you were up earlier than me this morning…You know I don’t sleep well when you’re not here 😛

    But, I’m gonna be grateful for the wine! 🙂

  2. Look out when you come home, Jon — she sounds miffed 😉

    Our company used to own property in Vale, Oregon. Mostly, the boss used it as a hunting lodge — I can’t think of a co-worker that’s actually stayed there (and we certainly have no business use being in Vale).

  3. Jake, he knows that I hate to be alone at night and do not sleep well when he’s not in the same bed. I’m just happy that he didn’t sleep well and was up as much as me (if not more) 🙂

    I wanted to go, but "no kids" in the house would have kept us at in a hotel a lot (plus we paid for preschool and they are nearly finished, so it would have been wasted money).

    Next time…

  4. You should hear all the "rules" Shannon, I’ll tell you some of them tonite, but Jon has a full list…some are understandable, but some are "huh?"

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