Going offline

Starting tomorrow (er, today… Friday), I’m gonna be offline. We’re going camping for the family reunion all weekend. It’ll be nice to unplug for a while.

And nice to be camping, too. It’s one of those things I really like to do, but only ever do it once a year—yep, at the family reunion. Which is fine, but it always turns into such a production… it’d be nice sometime to throw a bunch of gear in the car and just go, maybe take more time than a weekend, and just… I don’t know, decompress maybe.

But I’ll take what I can get. We’ll have a great time, we’ve got a really good campsite this year, it’s gonna be good.

3 Replies to “Going offline”

  1. lol about the family reunion BIG production thing… i can definately relate!!! and i thought i was the only person in the world with a family less than desirable.

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