Leeroy Jenkins!

My brother sent me this video the other day, and it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile (you have to be nerdy to really appreciate it though): Leeroy Jenkins (Windows Media File, 5MB). I’ve been laughing over it for days. It’s a clip from the World of WarCraft multiplayer online game, of a group of players talking (over headsets) about a strategy for fighting a bunch of dragons—typical nerd game stuff—when suddenly one of the players jumps up, screams “Leeroy Jenkins!” and takes off, getting them all killed.

Repeated watchings and listening to the comments make it funnier. I imagine drinking some beer while watching it would be even better :). As a bonus, check out LeeroyJenkins.net.

I’ve got a copy of the file, but I’m afraid to serve it because of bandwidth issues; but if the one I link to above has problems, I’ll consider uploading mine.