Season of change

Change, indeed. Today was our eldest’s first day of kindergarten. Huge transition! She’ll be riding a bus and everything. She attends in the afternoon; our youngest is in a new preschool, attends in the mornings, five days a week (at the old preschool it was only three). The schedule change is still taking some getting used to, I think.

The whole household dynamic is different since our cat died. It feels that way to me, at least; things seems shifted, somehow, at angles to the way they were before.

We painted the kids’ rooms this past weekend, changing from the rather bland “toasted almond” that came with the house to more vibrant blues, purples and pinks. The difference is striking.

And of course it’s that time of year again—the weather’s changing; you can feel the autumn coming in the air. The days are getting shorter. It’s definitely feeling like fall to me.

So this seems to be the month of change. What’s next?

4 Replies to “Season of change”

  1. A sad but beautifully written entry. I’m so sorry about your cat; when my cat died I cried for 2 months. It’s amazing what a big empty hole can be left in your family with the loss of a pet, because they are family.

    Exciting stuff, your little girl going off to school! Wendy’s going through the same thing with her little boy. 🙂

  2. Where’s your little girl going to Kindergarten? I can’t remember exactly where you live, but I know you’re close to a couple schools (and, like me, probably are close to a couple school districts).

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