What I did over the weekend

With summer nearly gone and school started, it seemed appropriate to have one of those “what I did” posts, but I’m not ambitious enough to talk about much beyond the weekend. :)

And even then, Saturday was the only day really worth writing about, Sunday was a lazy day. So let’s see, on Saturday we had kindergarten soccer—made all the more exciting by the fact that most of the kindergarteners have no real idea of competition. But they have a lot of fun, so that’s good. The weather this weekend was much better than the weekend before, but with fall nearly here, who knows how long that will last.

Saturday night I went to a bachelor party for Shannon‘s soon-to-be husband. Nothing unusual to report, it was a night of drinking at Stars and I kept my alcohol intake down and left earlier than the rest of the guys (all four of them). A later night than I’m normally used to.

No hangover or anything, either. I doubt I could say the same about the groom, though.

And that about wraps it up.

2 Replies to “What I did over the weekend”

  1. i had no idea the chics at stars were totally nude. i think next time i need to go to see that.

    he was bombed when he came home and was talking gibberish but was fine the next day. he even wanted to clean the house. i asked him if he was still drunk.

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