Corno’s Market

According to Metroblogging Portland, Corno’s Food Market is going to be torn down. Wow.

I say “wow” because there’s a more personal connection for me: my grandfather is one of the Cornos that used to run the place. Granted, it’s been closed for something like 10 or more years, and my grandfather hadn’t worked there for longer than that, but it’s still kind of a shock. (In fact, I think my dad may have mentioned to me that Corno’s was going to be destroyed.)

During the holidays, we’d always get the gift box from my grandparents full of (among other things) fresh fruit and nuts and such from the Market. One of the perks. And before that—well before that, before I was even born (or at least too young to remember)—we’d get the hookup from my grandfather when he ran the meat department. Yep, cheap meat.