Fast-growing Bend (again)

Bend is yet again on another top ten list: we’re the sixth fastest-growing metropolitan area in the country (via the Bulletin). This list is according to the U.S. Census, though, so probably has a bit more weight than whichever flavor-of-the-month magazine’s top “whatever” list of cities… although, they’re considering all of Deschutes County to be the metropolitan growth area, so your mileage may vary.

Is this a good thing? Depends. Read through the comments on my Trump Bend post, you’ll see varying degrees of opinion. Really, go read them, the good ones start about halfway down, past all the “rumors” about Trump. It’s some good stuff in there; maybe I’ll re-post some of those comments on the front page here…

4 Replies to “Fast-growing Bend (again)”

  1. You should just have a box in the right-column like your other boxes entitles "Trump Comments" with a random comment from that entry. I should to the same thing with my idiot AOL morons.

  2. WOW:
    the median home-sale price in Bend had reached $258,000.

    At least ya’ll don’t have Outlets :-O

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