Scooby’s at the front door! (The Halloween party)

Shannon blogged it first, I’m still waiting to see if Simone writes it up (or at least puts up the pictures)… I’m talking about the Halloween party we were all at last night. I hadn’t been to a Halloween party in I-don’t-remember-when, and it’s been even longer since I dressed up. I was a vampire, a classic one (not a goth one) with the black pants, white shirt, black cape, etc.

Everyone dressed up, too, which was very cool—you always have these doubts, “will anyone else be dressed up? Am I gonna be the only one?”—but no, everyone who came was in costume. (Well, except for one guy, near the end.) The best costumes, in my opinion, can be seen here—the freakiest, too. Why the best/freakiest? The one on the right is a woman(!).

I’ll say this—the hosts, Lance and Katherine, go all out for Halloween. Smoke machine, spooky sounds CD, spider candles, dry ice in the drinks, even cool touches that I wouldn’t have thought of like filling gutted pumpkins with dips (and a couple of large ones for the punch—alcoholic and non—with the dry ice dropped into them).

And, of course, a giant, inflatable Scooby Doo at the front door, who kept trying to get in. So that’s gonna be the new tagline, I’m thinking. T-shirts, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, viral in a “All your base” kind of way. You’re gonna see it everywhere.

Halloween rocks.

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