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Today Shannon writes:

i’m surprised that other bend bloggers haven’t commented on this but apparently the fox station is going to start a 10 p.m. local newscast at the first of the year according to our local paper who doesn’t have the story online. yea, two news stations! maybe i can stop watching portland and eugene news.

We don’t get the paper, and if it’s not online, then I wouldn’t otherwise see it. Anyway, what I’m wondering is, will the local Foxcast be bringing in new talent, or are they going to poach it away from Z21?

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  1. I bet you Drude will be on there. I heard him on KPOV doing community radio talking about the Beatles. I’m sure he’s board.

  2. ok, we have to stop with the talking bad about the news ppl because someone who works in tv, that needs to grow a thick skin, is a little upset at our comments.

  3. Mrs. H. – I think that person who needs to grow thicker skin and is upset at comments need to realize that the general public could possibly feel that way about the station.

    I was/am a part of their viewing audience and it truely is painful for me to watch the news now.

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