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  1. Hey, I’d give you my old Nokia phone. It’s black and white and doesn’t have a camera, but it’s okay. ‘Course, you’d still need a service 🙂

  2. What model is your old Nokia? Probably better than *my* old Nokia which is beat to pieces and needs to be replaced.

    And your wife got a Razr and you got the V330? I think you got the shaft there, pal 😉

  3. We have a Samsung N105 (my old one) and his Nokia (Gold 3390) with chargers (for home AND car). I have my case and I’m not sure where Jon put his.

    Jake, I always get the better phone. Jon doesn’t care about the features (except camera this time). Last time, I spent 200 on the Samsung (newest out there at the time) and he got his free. I always upgrade…that’s just the snob I am 😛 However, I am having trouble finding a case that fits for the new phone.

  4. The cheapest place I’ve found for Cell Phone stuff is cellphoneshop.net . I’ve bought a few things there. They’re japanese knockoffs, but they’re dirt cheap, and you can find discount coupons at fatwallet.com for them.

    I’ve got an old Nokia 2260 that I got out of lost and found here at the office, which gets the job done. That Samsung sure is fancy (compared to my piece of junk).

    Personally, I’m not big for all the fancy crap, either, I just want one that works and gets good reception out here in Sunriver. I do know there’s a place locally you can donate old phones (COBRA maybe?) as cell phones, even if they don’t have a carrier, are required by law to be able to dial 911, so I think those battering and rape alliance type places will take phones.

  5. I’m better off sticking with really cheap phones. I put them in my pocket, and they tend to fly out of the car in an attempt to flee from me.

    I have a couple of nice Samsungs sitting in a drawer (stupid Cingular) that I’ve been meaning to donate. I just need to clear them out first.

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