Bend snow!

Snow! It’s coming down pretty good, as I’m sure all the Bendites know by now—though I think Rhys will be especially pleased. It’s coming down pretty good; I’m downtown, and looking out the window I’m seeing an inch or so, I think. Driving is pretty awful right now; normally I go home for lunch but I may be staying in the office for lunch for the next few days. (I already went home today; that’s how I know it’s awful.)

And I know it’s technically not the first snow of the season, but to my mind, it’s the first significant snow of the season, and that counts more. :)

6 Replies to “Bend snow!”

  1. yup. forecast for 2 to 5 inches here today, and my truck bed is full to the TOP now with snow.

    i bet i can get some traction in that puppy now with its bald-assed tires and a half-ton of snow weight.

    driving in it? Oh i’ll be ok after a couple of times, but i almost nailed a beemer today ;P

  2. It’s a mess out in Sunriver right now. We’ve got at least 3 inches right now, still coming down very hard. There are folks sliding all over the place. Looking at the Lava Butte web cam, it’s going to be a nightmare getting home today. We’re actually thinking about closing up the office an hour early, but I think I might still wait until my scheduled time to leave (30 minutes later) for traffic to clear up.

  3. Oh Mrs. H, I was out in it just now and it took me 10 min to GET OFF OF 27th st. That was not fun….20 min to my daughter’s school to pick her up. UGH! SNOW!

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