Digging out

Today was one of those days when you wake up, blink, and there’s eight inches of snow on the ground.

That’s pretty rare for Bend. (Lapine and Sunriver, not so much. But for Bend and points east and north, rare.)

It’s still coming down. The snow advisory is still on, through at least seven o’clock this evening… eight to 14 inches total is the latest prediction, though since we’re already at eight, that seems like a lame prediction.

So, I dug out the driveway this morning, and finally left for work about nine. The office is about half-staffed right now, I imagine people will be trickling away as the day goes on. My wife tried to take our youngest to preschool (our oldest is home, schools are closed) and got stuck in the snow—the main roads are plowed and sanded, but the neighborhoods and side roads are still unattended.

Surprisingly, I had more trouble driving to work the other day when it first snowed than today; I suppose it could be because there’s less traffic on the roads, or that I left later.

It’ll be an interesting day. Except for work, this would’ve been a nice day to hole up at home and watch the snow. And play in it.

7 Replies to “Digging out”

  1. Yeah, I had to try to drive to work today (in Sunriver). We had at least a foot overnight. It just now stopped snowing, and we’re probably up to about 18 inches.

  2. Geez, how often does this kind of thing happen? We’re moving to Bend in a few weeks. I obviously knew it snowed there but didn’t think it was usually that heavy. What do you guys do for tires on your cars in the winter?

  3. Brian, i dunno about Bend, but here in KF (just about due south and four hours away) we just take the tires off and run on rims. More like ice skating that way. makes the commute fun as hell.

    Um.. no DUH people use snow tires or put chains on or sipe the regular ones. What the hell do you think people do for tires in the winter?!

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