Design by Simone (we’ll see what she comes up with)

So Simone was telling me that the design here on the blog was getting stale, “too much green,” things like that. Okay, I said. Come up with a new design for me, and I’ll implement it.

Her eyes got big. For like, one day? she asked.

For as long as I like it, I said (or words to that effect). I’m not a designer; I came up with something I kind of liked, but if someone wants to make me a better one, I’m all for it.

So we’ll see what Simone comes up with for me.

6 Replies to “Design by Simone (we’ll see what she comes up with)”

  1. Aye. The pressure! Oh, the pressure …
    Now if I remember correctly, we didn’t set any time constraints to this, now did we? So you’re not gonna get your panties in a knot if you don’t get your new design like this week, are you? Cause, see, I have a life too … 😉

  2. I wanna see animated flames and gratuitous use of the colors yellow and magenta. I know those are Morgan’s favorites. I know because he told me.

  3. I say you implement the CSS Zen Garden Geocities circa 1998 theme. That thing was sweet! 😉

    But if she’s got problems with your site, I can only imagine what kind of issues she has with mine.

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