Happy Solstice

Happy First Day of Winter. I know I haven’t been posting here much this month, I guess it’s kind of been winding down as Christmas approaches and the year ends. On the other hand, I’ve been posting to The Brew Site every day, so that’s good—I’ve been doing a “Beer Advent Calendar” series of posts each day, which has been a lot of fun and in keeping in good habits of posting something every day somewhere.

To give you an idea of what kinds of things I have on the plate for when I start writing here more often (which could happen tomorrow… or in a few weeks…), here’s a totally non-committed list:

  • Some more Scooby’s at the Front Door fun (you just know I have to)
  • A series of stories/anecdotes/recollections of growing up in Central Oregon. I told Simone at one point that I’d be writing these, so I guess I have to eventually :)
  • Book reviews… nothing major, just notes on things I’ve been reading
  • Thoughts about “Lost”… odds and ends that occur to me about the show, theories, whatever… I’ve actually considered starting a blog on one of the free services for this, as an experiment
  • A third blog… I’m not gonna say much about this now, but I will say that at some point in the near future I’m launching another blog—a “real” one, not a free-hosted one.

Anyways, Happy Solstice to everyone!

11 Replies to “Happy Solstice”

  1. Geez, I think Scooby’s all played out (sheesh, Shannon didn’t even notice the Christmas Scooby paper, so I think it’s all played out)

    When are you going to post about your birthday present? On your birthday? I hope you like her….

  2. Solstice! Double yay!

    Blog proliferation, eh? It’s on, man. Just wait until 2006, we’ve got something that’s gonna r0xx0rz j00r b0xx0rz.

    0h y34h, 1 4lm057 f0rg07. 5c00by c4ll3d 70 54y h3’5 47 d4 fr0n7 d00r.

  3. I’ve been meaning to write up a "growing up Central Oregon" type of post, after reading your things you like/dislike about Bend posts from last year. I’m sure we both have our different views of things, as you grew up in Redmond (right?) and I lived the first 12 years of my life out by Sunriver, last 16 years in Bend.

  4. And Wife, I’m curious as to what the heck is present is, too, if you’re referring to it as a "her".

    "Here, honey, it’s a love slave!" 😉

  5. Jake, it’s even worse than it appears–I grew up in Alfalfa… in the desert… went to school in Redmond.

    The "present" is a cat. Although the fact that it was a "present" to me is an excuse for my wife to get a new cat. 🙂

  6. That’s not true Jon….It was your choice whether to get her or not. It was your "yes", not my suggestion to get her adopted. Your choice, don’t blame me. You could have said NO….you have a voice.

  7. Man, I it when you guys bitch at each other in public — very entertaining 😉 (was even so when I didn’t know you guys).

    But don’t feel bad or ashamed, if you think the cat’s not manly — I’d have a cat, too, if my wife wasn’t deathly allergic.

  8. OMG Jon, own up! (see Jake, I just intervene when he’s not being totally honest)

    If you had said "NO", I would have respected that (and kept looking)…but her name at the shelter is Bobbie, she’s got the same style markings and is a lap cat…I didn’t know this when you said yes. I didn’t want 3 cats with the same color markings. I think she’s it though…and you can’t tell me you don’t miss Bob and would like another cat for you.

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