’05 retrospective (personal)

So, now I’m looking back over 2005 from my own standpoint. It was a busy, eventful year.

Last January I buckled down and began eating healthy in order to lose weight. That was enormously successful—and satisfying—as I lost 40 pounds. So far I’ve kept it off, and plan to keep it off. My next goal in this vein should be to get into shape; yes, I’ve lost the weight, but I definitely need to start exercising. Realistic? Knowing me, it could go either way.

Also last January I narrowly missed being selected for a jury. Of the one week I was on call for jury duty, I only got called in that first day, and ultimately wasn’t selected. It was the first time I’d ever had jury duty.

I wrote about it, but I didn’t get fired for blogging.

Memorial Day weekend, I put together a playground. Almost. I find it notable because I think it’s the largest thing I’ve ever built.

It was a year for travel. We made it to Portland a few times, but our big trips were the Alaskan cruise and our week in Florida.

The cruise vacation marked not only the first time I’d been on a cruise, but also the first time in Canada and Alaska. That was quite a trip: we drove to Vancouver, B.C., stopping to visit friends in the Seattle area each way. And Alaska was amazing… I’d definitely go back.

Florida was flat and humid. The trip was worth it, though, and we made it out ahead of Hurricane Wilma.

I also did an overnight trip to Walla Walla, Washington, for work. First time there, too; I rather liked it, except for going during the hottest part of the summer.

I lost my cat. That was one of the hardest, worst things to happen in many years.

And, we got a new cat. A kitten, actually. That’s fine, I don’t really have an opinion on it one way or another, it is what it is. Better a cat than a dog, though. I’m so not a dog person.

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  1. is Porter named after Mel Gibson’s character in the movie Payback? that was a cool movie, violent but cool.

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