Sucky week

I would’ve blogged this week… but work beat it out of me. (I did manage to keep blogging over on The Brew Site, barely…)

Not just “regular” work, I’ve also been working on a website in my spare time as well. As part of my other, semi-freelancing gig. That’s taking up a lot of my time (and still will this weekend).

So anyway, sucky week. Kind of derailed me.

7 Replies to “Sucky week”

  1. Going to share the web site? If it’s a spare time project, it must be something for yourself (I’ve got a few of those sites, too, that I need to get done).

    I’ll show you mine if you show me yours? 😉 (e-mail me privately, if need be).

  2. Yeah, I’ll share. It’s the Old Mill District’s website. They’re getting a redesign (which I didn’t do… I’m not much of a designer), and I’m simply implementing it–slicing up the graphics, HTML-izing it, setting up the server hosting, etc.

    Mrs H: LOL.

  3. No, the one there now is the old one, currently hosted by Alpine. The one I’m working on is new, yet to be seen. Won’t be powered by Alpine this time.

  4. Wondering what you mean by slicing up the graphics? is that so they fit nicely or so they can’t be saved off easily?

  5. They send a "snapshot" image of the entire page, and I need to copy out the various graphical elements into individual images. For things like rollovers, photos, logos, etc.

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