Oregon Brewers Festival and Portand Friday

I’m taking the day off from work this Friday and going to Portland for the Oregon Brewers Festival! Woo hoo! My original plan was to stay in Portland the entire weekend, but as it turns out I’d already obligated myself to a friend’s wedding Saturday evening, so I’ll be spending Friday night with my friend Justin (who’s also going with me to the Brewfest) and leaving Saturday late morning sometime.

It’s going to be an eventful day. Aside from the Brewfest, there’s a beer blogger meetup that evening (starting at five) over at the Rogue Ales Public House, so I’ll get to meet yet more bloggers from Portland and other far-flung places (Arizona, for one, I think).

Are any other bloggers in the area going to the Brewfest? Let me know.

At any rate, I’ll have the camera and notebook and plan on writing a bunch about it. And, Friday right now is looking at an 80-degree forecast for Portland, so that’s just about perfect. Three days and counting!


4 Replies to “Oregon Brewers Festival and Portand Friday”

  1. 😛 I hate being alone 😛

    Have fun and remember…….when you get off the bus, you *do not* have to buy another beer because you use the bathroom.

  2. Yeah, so what’s the big idea of this blogger meetup at five on Friday. I’ll be two and a half sheets to the wind and still rollin’ at the fest. Why then?

  3. That… I don’t know. I wasn’t part of the decision making process. I gather that was the time everyone who wanted to (at the time) could best make it. 🙂

  4. Hey, I read on a forum where you hacked fckeditor with imagemagick.. would you be receptive to sharing your hack? if so, i’m in the code now.. would love to see how you handled it.. thanks so much!!!

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