An appropriate image?

I’m not sure what this might say about me, but when I was reading this KTVZ story about the utterly ridiculous Measure 37 claim on the Newberry Volcanic Monument, I couldn’t help but think the image filed with the story looks like a skull:

Newberry Volcanic Monument

See the eyesockets? Yeah, that’s messed up.

Oh and FYI, Measure 37? Only one of the most retarded ballot measures ever passed in the state of Oregon.


4 Replies to “An appropriate image?”

  1. Hear, hear. If there’s one initiative that has the PROVEN potential to destroy (or at least greatly harm) the "Oregon way of life" and whatever makes this state special, it’s Measure 37. Worst ballot measure ever. Every day it’s on the books is a bad day for Oregon.

  2. If you want to blame someone for Prop 37, blame yourself first. Voters put it in there and enacted it into law. Stupid. Second, remember to be EXTREMELY wary of ANYTHING drafted by a lawyer. Lawyers drafted this and knew DAMN WELL it would set off a riot of lawsuits.

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