Kids + illness + birthday = entirely too busy

The "illness" referred to in the title above is our daughter’s; she isn’t seriously sick but has this cough that really kicks in after she’s been asleep for a few hours, and this happens two or three times a night. It really sucks to have your sleep punctured every couple of hours to go administer meds or water or whatever.

Anyway. It was also our daughter’s birthday weekend, so we were running around a lot getting things ready and such. The birthday party went really well, so that’s good. Thankfully they seem to get easier as the kids get older and more autonomous. No need to give the little ones booze and sleep it off anymore.

I’m kidding. (Or am I?)

The only hitch was two kids didn’t get picked up; turns out the mom who was supposed to be picking them up went to the wrong place. Fortunately, we had our minivan and cellphones, so we were able to take the extra kids to where they needed to be. That may well have been the first time we’ve carpooled…

Anyway, I’ll try to get back to my regular blogging schedule. Which hasn’t been very "regular" of late, I know. I’ll get right on that… sometime…