What’s shakin’?

Yes, I’m aware I haven’t posted much here on chuggnutt.com lately. I’ve been focusing most of my writing energy on The Brew Site and Hack Bend recently, since I keep thinking of topical things for those blogs and I really don’t want to become a caricature of myself with "Lost" rants.

Aside from that, here’s a loosely-presented list of things that have been happening:

Thanksgiving was very nice, and low-key. We did the expected big dinner at my parents’ house, though we weren’t a big crowd. We made some excellent pumpkin pies with a gingerbread graham cracker crust. (Gingerbread graham crackers. Seriously. Rachael Ray is on the box.)

I hung outdoor Christmas lights on the house the day after Thanksgiving. The cold air gave me a bit of a cold.

The day after that consisted of generously picking up weary travelers Shannon and Brian from the Redmond Airport; Shannon confessed a creepy desire to pummel saguaro cacti. Whack job. :)

The two recent books I’ve read/are reading are Stephen Baxter’s Manifold: Time and Manifold: Space. I think Time is the better written of the two, where he actually builds characterizations (mostly; he’s not as strong here as some writers) for his cast, whereas in Space they feel more like mouthpieces or conveniences. Maybe he just got lazy, since he’s sort of continuing the main character’s story, and didn’t feel necessary to rehash… or not. I don’t know. They’re full of interesting concepts, nonetheless.

When I get a chance (which isn’t often), I’ve been thoroughly enjoying "Secret Weapons Over Normandy" for the PlayStation 2. That game completely rocks. I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I do; I think a big part of that is the relatively simple controls used.

(Yes, that’s me: I need simple video game controls. I’m retro that way.)

Anything else? Um… working. Nothing interesting to report there.


4 Replies to “What’s shakin’?”

  1. I knew if I wouldn’t admit I had a problem, you’d blog about it.

    I think I’m going to send a card to PostSecret.com that says "I have a secret desire to pummel saguaro cacti."

  2. DUDE! You’re FINALLY playing "Secret Weapons"? LOL! I knew you’d like it…heh heh…wait until you get some sweet stuff, like the ME 262…

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