Fantasy wish list

I’m nerdy, no two ways about it: while thinking about the kind of things I would want for Christmas this year, I got to wondering about fictional gadgets and technology that I wouldn’t at all mind having. So, as a perfectly goofy/nerdy/idle/self-amusing blog post, I put together a wish list of sci-fi/fantasy gadgets I’d like to get for Christmas (or my birthday).

(Incidentally, I do have an wish list here. It doesn’t necessarily match the list I made for my family this year, but I’m just sayin’.)


Forget laser guns, a lightsaber is the perfect all-in-one weapon. The blade is indestructible, cuts through anything, deflects energy blasts, and acts as a flashlight. Plus, when you’re done slicing up Sith Lords, it has a ton of household uses.


The ultimate all-purpose scanning device and handheld computer. As the various Star Trek series show, there’s really nothing your tricorder can’t tell you—from general weather and environmental conditions to the movements and stats of hidden people to the spin orientation of quarks.

Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who’s miracle tool. There was almost nothing he couldn’t do with that thing… repairing any machine… unlocking any door… cooking meals… getting cash from ATMs…

Time-traveling DeLorean… or TARDIS

Gotta have a time machine.

For vehicular transport, I can’t decide between these two. If I went with the DeLorean, I’d have to go with the fusion-powered flying version, but then I’d run into various hijinks related to the existence of magical automobiles in the wrong era. And, of course, the hassle of being able to get the car up to (arbitrarily) 88 miles per hour just to get anywhen. Plus, it doesn’t travel spatially—you travel to the same corresponding point in space in the different time period. Could be a problem if there’s a building there in the future or something.

But, the thing looks cool.

On the other hand, Doctor Who’s TARDIS travels both temporally and spatially, and is bigger on the inside than the outside. Drawbacks? Doesn’t seem like you actually have much control over where and when you travel. Plus, it always seems to look like a goofy blue police box. Or, at least the Doctor’s did. Perhaps I could get one of my own, an updated, working model.

Babel fish

Yeah, this isn’t a gadget per se, but man, being able to understand and communicate in any language without having to fiddle around with something as cumbersome as a Universal Translator

That’s all I can come up with right now. Though I’m sure somebody will point out that since I chose a Babel fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, that I should choose, well, "The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy" as a must-have gadget. Nah. I figure I’ll just load Wikipedia onto my tricorder.


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