Where is the time going?

Time has been passing too quickly lately. Seriously. Where has it been going? I keep finding myself surprised to discover that something I thought happened just last year was really three years ago, for instance, or that I’ve been at my current job for four years, and it doesn’t seem nearly that long.

Part of it is that I get older, the passing of time seems to speed up. My grandmother used to say this all the time, and while (as a kid) I knew the truth of this, I never really knew the truth of it, you know? I’m not sure that’s possible when you’re young; time seemed to pass so slowly then.

(And yet, here I am now, stuck in the present like always.)

I don’t mean to imply that I’m depressed about my age, or anything like that. It was more of a fleeting observation that I wanted to write down—without sounding too maudlin. Perhaps I’ll have more to write about this at a later time…


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