Lego skeletons are cool

We had a great spring break trip to San Diego last week, and while we took a bunch of pictures, there are three especially that I couldn’t resist posting here. Mostly because they’re so messed up and random.

The first two are from Legoland. That place is like the Lego Disneyland—lots of rides and fun things, with Lego sculptures everywhere. Pretty straightforward concept, right? That’s why it’s totally awesome to run across something like this:

Lego skeletons are cool

I wants me a Lego Skeleton Kit™ bloody well right now.

And among the various other Lego sculpture decor, most of which was themed and made sense, there was this:

Lego rabbit with a chainsaw. WTF?

What. The. Hell??

Best. Themepark. Ever.

Earlier in the week, we visited the Fleet Science Center, and they have a section especially for kids there called "Grossology." While most of the Grossology exhibits are pretty much what you’d expect, there was no way I could pass up taking a photo of this genuine video game:

Urine The Game. Really.

Yep. Played it. Need a PlayStation version.


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