Lost is officially retarded.

Yeah, I can’t help it. I have to say tonight’s episode of "Lost" jumped the shark. They just went all retarded. Why?

…well, check after the link. There’s spoilers, not that it matters I guess.

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So, this "Jacob" that Ben took Locke to was… an empty chair. In an empty room. And Ben stood talking. To. The. Chair.

There’s two possibilities.

1) Ben is basically Norman Bates.

2) The Others are controlled/led by an invisible man with (apparently) telekinetic powers.

And of course since this is "Lost", it has to be Number Two. Why? Because that’s what they do. That’s the strong implication from the voice Locke briefly heard to the crazy telekinetic-like shaking of the room. That is what they do on this show.

Forget that Number One would actually be more believable, creepy, and interesting: the Others are led by an invisible man.

"Lost" is officially retarded.

…I don’t think I can sit through three more years of this. I really don’t.


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  1. But you KNOW that you won’t stop watching it. It has sucked us in, like watching a train wreck. And I just cannot believe that they killed off Locke. What the???

  2. Yeah, I might keep watching. I watched "The X-Files" for years even after I knew they had jumped the shark and sucked… and "Lost" is "The X-Files" of this generation/decade.

    Killing off Locke… eh. I’m hoping Jack is next.

  3. Locke is the core of the show. He’s already been healed once, I’ll bet you the island heals him again.

    "They just jumped the shark" is the exact phrase that went through my mind in that shack.

  4. That mango Locke was eating looked good and who doesn’t want a cold Dharma BEER?

    Seriously, didn’t you see Jacob in the chair after Ben slammed into the wall? I thought I saw Ben throw one of those mason jars at Locke while the walls were shaking.

    I can’t take 3 more years of this either. They should have gone out on top like the BBC version of the Office.


  5. Nope, I didn’t see him, it wasn’t until later online when people were posting the screengrabs from the 11-frame shot that had Jacob did I realize that it is, in fact, Number Two that they intended… which is my complaint. They’ve gone so far off the rails…

  6. I TRIED to watch that show, I really did. I tried when it was originally on, couldn’t get into it. I rented the Season One DVD, couldn’t get past the 2nd episode. It bored the poo outta me. Guess that was a good thing. 🙂

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