Items of interest

A few link-worthy items that caught my eye but that I can’t squeeze a full post out of (yet)…

The Real Oregon: a new(ish) blog subtitled "Oregon for the eccentric traveler." Looks promising, with travel tidbits about Oregon that seem pretty interesting to me.

How a $2 bottle transformed the wine industry: Charles Shaw wine (AKA Two (or Three) Buck Chuck) turns five. Who’d’a thunk it? And for the record, I rather like the wines.

Burst Culture: A bit of brilliance from Warren Ellis that’s been making the rounds online. Pretty much ties in with ideas I’ve been having about the web and blogging, and giving me stuff to think about.


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  1. The Real Oregon is pretty Valley-centric, isn’t it? The opening entry says "it really is as wet here as everyone says!" Um, it’s not wet here…

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