My goodness, I’ve certainly been neglecting this site. Most of my blogging energy has focused on The Brew Site and Hack Bend, but I’ve also been neglecting other areas of this site—the projects page in particular needed cleaning up, and I needed to catch up on PHP code fixes for my HTML2Text class and Word Stemmer class that people had sent me over the past year or so.

So I spent some time yesterday doing just that. There’s really not much to see if you’re simply here for the blogging portion of the site, but in case you were here looking for my PHP code or were one of the people who were nice enough to email me fixes for the bugs, I’ve gotten that stuff updated (and thanks to the suggesters).

In the meantime I’ll see what I can do about the writing portion of the site—ie, the blog. I certainly have no intention of retiring it but that’s sure what appears to be happening… so no no, not gonna happen, I shall start making more effort to write regularly here again. And perhaps tweak the site design around a bit. I mean, it’s only been…

…holy hell, it’s been five years? How on earth did I let that anniversary pass by without comment or celebration or something? Back on April 22nd, this was…