Suttle Lake

This past weekend was the annual family reunion up at Suttle Lake, and since it’s the one time of the year that we actually have to go camping, we packed up the gear and off we went.

The weather sucked, though. It was windy—really windy, tent-flattening wind (other people’s tents; ours was well-shielded by trees)—all day Friday and Saturday. Saturday afternoon the clouds rolled in and sure enough, it began to rain that night around 11pm. Kind of a constant drizzle throughout the night, nothing like the downpour we had in 2004, but enough to leave everything outside wet. Inside the tent was fine and dry, fortunately. Breaking camp and putting stuff away was no fun.

I need to pay more attention to Suttle Lake and its environs more, though. I was looking at it in Google Earth and noticed that there are 3 other lakes just down the road(s): Blue Lake, Scout Lake, and Dark Lake. (Here’s the respective Google Maps page.) How have I never noticed those or checked those out before?


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  1. Jon,
    I used to work up at blue lake the summer of 1990; it was a great resort based lake that at the time outshined Suttle Lake. Check out the current website… The land around the lake is privately owned and you cannot access the lake. Scout Lake was a family favorite in the late 70’s. (When we went to Alfalfa grade school) – all I remember is the murky water.
    Take care,

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