There’s more coming

I promised to post fiction and get this blog "revitalized". I will! I’m working on it! It just got busy during the holiday time, as it tends to do.

Part of that revitalization is redesigning the site, cutting out the needless stuff and going with a more minimal design. Really minimal. Basically I want to get the focus on the content and make it as clean as possible. That means cutting graphics and viciously culling the sidebar down—dropping the Amazon link, the "Random Link", changing the archive presentation format, minimizing the Google ads impact, to name a few things.

(Oh, I’ll still have ads. Just less on this site, generally. I do like those graphic buttons for my other sites, Obsidian Stock and Pegasus Books—I created 3 of those 4 and I don’t get any revenue from them. Free advertising, baby. So those’ll stay.)

Plus I’m doing some stuff behind the scenes to make things work better. Tell the truth, I’m kind of getting sick of my own blogging system and coding, and I’ve considered switching it all over to WordPress and letting other people sweat the technical details so I can just write… meh. It’s a thought.

I plan to throw the switch on this new design on or around January 1st. That’s nice and symbolic, I think. Things should pick up from there.


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