Flipped the switch

I just flipped the switch on the new design for the site, and very surprisingly, things mostly went off without a hitch.

There’s still some unfinished things I need to, uh, finish, and I haven’t ported the design over to all the pages in the site yet… so you’ll still see the old green layout pop up from time to time, depending on where you go. And I’ll be fine tuning over the next couple of days too. A good rule of thumb is, expect it to be broken… til I fix it.

The main point of the redesign is to focus on the primary experience: reading the stuff I write. Without all the unnecessary crap elements getting in the way. There’s some of the advertising stuff going on too, because I’m not that pure.

Assuming you’re not just reading this in your favorite RSS reader, and are actually visiting the site, tell me what you think.


One Reply to “Flipped the switch”

  1. A bit too gray for me, but like the layout overall. I’m really due for a redesign myself (and have to keep the ads, too, as I have a server bill to pay).

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